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About the ACCA


      The ACCA was established in 1983 as the National Bible College Athletic Association (NBCAA) to provide a organization to hold championships at a national level, to name national All-Americans, scholar athletes and promote member colleges. The name was changed to the Association of Christian College Athletics (ACCA) in June 2004. A commissioner was hired and a plan for membership growth was established.    


     The aim of the ACCA is to promote the education and development of students through intercollegiate athletic participation. Member colleges, although varied and diverse, share a common commitment to Jesus Christ and the principle that athletics serve as an opportunity to share one's faith.

The ACCA believes:

  • That it is more important to develop the Christian student-athlete as a contributing member of a team and society  than winning or losing an athletic contest.
  • That the Christian student-athlete performs as a positive role model on the campus and in the wider community.
  • That the athletic experience is a means to share one's faith and not just an athletic endeavor.

Athletics in a Christian college environment offer unique experiences which prepare men and women for a life of meaningful work and service. The athletic experience provides a dynamic growth process for learning discipline, teamwork, leadership, and mutual respect.  For the student-athlete who wants to be a part of a team that competes on a regional and national level but realizes the importance of his/her education, the ACCA is the right game plan.

The ACCA is an organization that brings Christian colleges together not just for athletic competition; but more importantly, it is an organization bringing colleges together who have a common goal and perspective as they serve Christ in higher education.


     Directional vision requires strong leadership. Therefore the name was changed in June 2004 from the National Bible College Athletic Association (NBCAA) to the Association of Christian College Athletics (ACCA) and a commissioner was hired. Many hours of strategic planning has taken place. The Board of Directors has directed the commissioner to focus his efforts in several areas to include;

1.   Increasing ACCA membership;

2.   Increasing the number of ACCA sports offered for national competition;

3.   Developing a corporate sponsorship/fundraising agenda;

 4.   Enhancing and strengthening the fellowship of ACCA schools;

 5.   Organizing ministry opportunities in the USA and Canada and overseas for member schools student/athletes. It is the desire of the commissioner that every ACCA member school develop a Christian Service Initiative that allows each athletic team to serve its secular community by performing acts of service and kindness that bring glory and honor to God.

      A strong ACCA future is predicated upon a decisive, committed and united board. The combined effort of focused member schools will enhance the ability to grow an effective national organization in the USA and Canada, which in turn will strengthen each member schools athletic program.